Everjump benefits


Everjump Advantages

Weighted ropes provide an intense full-body workout that helps you improve your endurance and builds muscle strength.

1. Perfect for beginners

Weighted jump ropes are great for beginners. The added weight is easier to feel as the rope spins around your body, making it easier to time your jumps. Weighted ropes also spin slower than regular ropes. This is helpful for achieving optimal curvature and learning proper form, two essential techniques for beginners.

2. Upper body strength

The use of a heavy rope builds strength throughout your upper body. In addition to the abdominal muscles, especially the back, shoulders and forearms are strengthened.

3. Development of the shoulders

Shoulders and shoulder blades are often among the weakest parts of the body, even for people who are quite fit. In addition to the usual training methods, jumping rope has a positive effect on the shoulder muscles. The constant contracting and stabilizing of the shoulders during jumping allows for controlled movement in the forearms. Through the added weight in our jump ropes you can strengthen your shoulders even more than through conventional jump ropes and thus develop your strength even faster.

4. Build lean muscle and burn fat

Heavy ropes are more effective at building lean muscle and breaking down body fat than regular ropes because you will need to use more energy to jump. You'll get fit and move faster - we promise.

5. Greater muscle engagement

Jumping with a normal rope activates the shoulders, lower back, gluteal muscles and hamstrings. Through our weighted ropes, all the above-mentioned muscle parts are used even more and in addition, the triceps, forearms and the rest of the back muscles are trained.

6. Versatility

Imagine being able to shift the intensity of the workout by simply using a different rope. Some of our best sets include heavy ropes as well as ropes with different weights and a set of handles. Simply disconnect the handles from one rope and reconnect them to another rope. It only takes a few seconds! This method of training provides variety and allows you to adjust the intensity of your workout as you see fit.