How do i shorten my ropes?


If you want to change to a shorter rope length because your rope is too long, here is a short guide. The process is really easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes with the right tools.


This step by step guide is not only helpful if you realise straight after your order that your rope is too long, but also if over time your technique improves and you can handle a shorter rope.



It is better to be careful when shortening and repeat the process to get the perfect rope length rather than cutting too much rope. 


You should follow these steps:

1) For shortening, you only need a small Allen key (1.5 mm) and a sturdy pair of scissors, such as side cutters, cable cutters or pointed pliers.




2) In the first step you have to put the Allen key and one end of the rope in front of you. 


Kopf und Inbusschlüssel


3) Insert the Allen key into the screw and unscrew the two screws. You only have to do this on one end of the rope.


Inbusschlüssel im Kopf


4) This is what the loosened screws should look like:


Schrauben gelöst


5) When the screws are loosened, the head can be easily pulled off the rope. 


Kopf abgezogen


6) Now you can shorten the rope to the desired length. Please be careful not to cut too much. It makes more sense to repeat this process a few times to get the right length than to cut too much rope.


Seil mit Zange


 7) This is what the rope looks like with a piece cut off.


Seil abgeschnitten


8) Last but not least, reattach the head to the rope. Please make sure that you have pushed the rope all the way in and that the screws are tight. 


Fertige Seilkürzung


If you have any questions or if something has gone wrong, please contact us by e-mail at We hope you have fun jumping.