7 Gründe, warum Springen das perfekte Workout ist

7 Reasons Why Jumping Is The Perfect Workout

Are you looking for a workout that challenges your body, but can still be easily integrated into everyday life and promotes your fitness level through the roof? Then jumping rope is probably just right for you. Today we will tell you 7 good reasons why a skipping rope workout is worthwhile for you.


1. You Don't Need Any Previous Knowledge For Rope Jumping



The skipping rope sport is also so popular because you do not need any previous knowledge. Of course, if you are more experienced, you can acquire different techniques to make your training even more varied. So the Easy Jump, i.e. the simple jumping on the spot, can become a step jump, in which you alternately put your feet back and forth with each jump. For starters, however, it is enough if you pay attention to the following:

  • Wear sturdy shoes, ideally with a high shaft, so that your feet do not bend over.
  • Before training, warm up your wrists and ankles by circling them.
  • Jump on a surface that yields, such as lawn or carpet.


2. The Skipping Rope Is Suitable (Almost) For Everyone


Due to the fact that burning fat with skipping rope works just as well as endurance training the sport appeals to many. You want to train your condition, lose excess pounds or build muscle? All this is possible with rope skipping, German rope jumping. There are only a few restrictions. If you suffer from signs of wear or persistent inflammation in the musculoskeletal system, we advise you to discuss with your doctor beforehand whether jumping rope is the right form of movement for you.


Good to know!

Regular exercise is important to nourish the articular cartilage. After all, it is not directly connected to the blood vessel system. Instead, like a sponge, it absorbs the nutrients with every movement.


3.   Rope jumping is varied


If you train with the skipping rope, you have the opportunity to combine many step sequences with each other. In the end, you put together your very own workout that you can do as you please. You will be surprised how many different exercises you can do in a limited radius - you definitely won’t be bored when jumping rope.


4.   Jump Rope For Adults are Effective


Are you tired of walking many kilometers and still only burning the calories of a small chocolate bar? The good news: Jumping rope is much more effective than other sports. This can be seen, for example, in the topic of skipping rope vs. jogging. When jogging, you burn about 350 calories in 30 minutes, but with a cardio skipping rope you burn 500 calories. Your skipping rope can not only help you to melt the kilos, it can also contribute to increasing your condition or building muscle. Due to the fact that many muscle groups are addressed when jumping, the training is particularly effective.


5. You Can Train Anywhere You Like


Hand on heart: The biggest problem with training programs is that they are difficult to integrate into a hectic everyday life. Maybe you also have little time and therefore do not make it to the gym regularly. With a skipping rope you can theoretically train anywhere, as long as you have enough space forward, back and up. In the garden, in the living room or in the forest - there are no limits to your creativity. Are you on a business trip? No problem, the skipping rope fits in your suitcase in a space-saving manner. If time is particularly short on some days, 10 minutes can be enough to burn more than 160 calories and get your muscles going. From now on, there are no more excuses to skip training sessions.


6.   When Jumping Rope You Train Your Body And Mind


If you regularly jump rope, you train your entire body. After just a few weeks of training, you have better endurance and your muscles appear more defined. The changes to your body are not only external. Since rope skipping puts your ability to concentrate and your reflexes to the test, jumping rope is always a cognitive challenge. At the same time, training can strengthen your physical and psychological well-being. After all, studies prove time and again that exercise reduces stress and minimizes cardiovascular risk factors.


7.   With Rope Jumping You Are More Successful


What at first sounds like a clumsy advertising promise actually has a true background. Training with a HIIT skipping rope appeals to your jumping power and speed. In the long term, not only the rope jumping exercises benefit from this, but also other disciplines. Are you interested in martial arts or acrobatic training sessions? You may be successful with both if you train motivated with the rope. The joy of exercise and the reduction of stress hormones such as cortisol also promote well-being and performance in many people.


Good to know!

Our customers report very different experiences with our high-quality skipping ropes. While some have come closer to their dream figure, others swear by their workout to define their muscles. Still others escape their stressful everyday life with the rope jumping training. Our tip: Try out for yourself what rope jumping does to your body and mind.


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