Choosing the right size



Which rope length is right for me?


You are not sure which jump rope length is right for you? No problem. We're here to give you some guidance on how to choose the right one for your body size out of all the rope lengths, so you can get the best jump rope workout possible.

length & body size


length of rope

Body Size

Small (2.45m)


Medium (2.60m)


Large (2.75m)


Extra Large (2.90m)


What if I lie between two lengths?




If you are new to jump rope training and have never jumped before, choose the longer version. This will give you more room for error when learning.



If you already have experience with jumping or generally have good coordination, then it depends on your personal preference. If you mainly want to maximize the speed of your jumps, then we recommend the shorter version. If you prefer to work on your tricks and freestyle jumps, the longer version is more suitable.


If your rope is too long, you can easily shorten it yourself. Here you can find instructions. Alternatively, you can contact us for a size exchange.


Does it matter whether my arms are long or short?


No. The arm length does not change the corresponding size recommendation. For proper hand positioning, your hands should be at hip level when your hands are about 20-30cm away from your body on each side. If you have longer arms, try bending your elbows a little more to keep your hands in place. You should NOT get a longer rope.

Does the rope length include the length of the handles?


No. The measured length takes into account only the length of the rope from one end to the other.

What if I have chosen the wrong length for me?


Don't worry! If the size is not right, just email and we will help you replace it.