Wie viel Fett verbrennt Seilspringen?

How Much Fat Does Jumping Rope Burn?

Jumping rope makes the pounds tumble. At least if you can motivate yourself for the sport and train regularly. But what does fat burning with skipping rope look like and how many calories can be consumed with a training session? Today we find out together why jumping rope is a perfect workout and how it can easily compete with jogging.


Skipping rope: Workout for the whole body 

Rope skipping, known in English as rope skipping, is no longer just a pastime for the playground. The skipping rope for adults is very popular. Martial artists such as boxers, health researchers and fitness enthusiasts rely on this clever fitness accessory. No wonder, because it succeeds in a workout for the whole body. It is often used to train the condition or to build muscle. Rope skipping not only trains stamina, but also the primary target muscles (calf muscles, thigh muscles) and the supporting muscles (abdominal muscles, deltoid muscles, back extensors, upper arm flexor muscles, wrist muscles) are addressed. By the way, you also train your sense of rhythm and coordination with the skipping rope. Last but not least, a fitness skipping rope can help you lose excess pounds.


Why you consume calories with rope jumping


When losing weight, there is a golden rule: You have to burn more calories than you take in. In addition to a healthy calorie-conscious diet, physical activity in particular contributes to losing weight. Since your whole body has to work with rope jumping, the pulse rises quickly during training. A skipping rope is therefore perfect for HIIT. The abbreviation stands for High Intensity Interval Training, a training technique in which you alternately perform a high intensity and a low intensity intermittently. For example, when running, you could jog for 30 seconds and then do a 30-second sprint. The advantage of HIIT is that you can significantly increase your calorie consumption compared to other types of training.


Skipping rope vs. jogging: which is better?


As already mentioned, you can also do the high-intensity interval training in classic sports such as jogging. Much more often, however, you observe runners who follow steady state cardio. This is a cardiovascular training that is characterized by consistent movements and low intensity. In addition to jogging, swimming or cycling are also sports that take place in steady-state cardio mode. Of course, you also consume calories here. However, research shows that calories can be burned much better if the training is made much more intense.

Let's work together to compile the most important cornerstones of an exciting study:

  • Men and women were divided into two groups.
  • One group ran a HIIT program for 15 weeks.


  • The other group followed a steady-state cardio workout for 20 weeks.
  • The result: The HIIT group managed to reduce an average of nine times more fat than the steady-state cardio group.


Good to know!

HIIT with skipping rope sounds particularly tempting to lose weight quickly and easily. However, there is a special feature: If you want to consume calories efficiently, you should not permanently challenge the maximum heart rate. At 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate is usually the Holy Grail (calculation: 220 - age). With HIIT, the body reaches the maximum heart rate of 85-100%, but after that recovery periods must follow.


HIIt-Workout: Exercises with the skipping rope to lose weight 

HIIT is exhausting, but the effort can pay off relatively quickly on the scales. There are several reasons why skipping rope is particularly suitable for intensive training:

  • You can train anywhere and lose weight
  • You don't need bulky exercise equipment
  • You only need a few minutes for a complete workout

But what does an intensive training with a skipping rope look like in everyday life? We have found three sets for you that will get your training routine going.

  • Trainingsset 1: Jump through for 30 seconds, that means without any intermediate hopping. Then you take a break of 60 seconds andrepeat the set again. A total of nine rounds including breaks are necessary.
  • Trainingsset 2: In this set you jump for 30 seconds including foot change. By constantly shifting the weight, you tighten your body center, which especially benefits your back and abdominal muscles. Here, too, a pause is taken after 30 seconds, but for 90 seconds. Then you repeat the set with the associated breaks four times.
  • Trainingsset 3: The set promises a lot of variety. Again you start with 30 seconds of rope jumping, followed by a crisp 12 second break. Then jump again for 30 seconds and repeat the break of 12 seconds. Now it's going to be exciting, because now there are burpees (combination of different fitness exercises) for 30 seconds. Afterwards, you can take another short break to complete the set with push-ups for over 30 seconds.

How many calories does skipping rope burn?


On the subject of calorie consumption, we owe you an answer. There is no general statement as to how many calories are burned when jumping ropes. After all, this depends, among other things, on your age, your gender and the speed at which you jump. Last but not least, your starting weight also plays a role. When you start with a higher weight, your body needs a lot of energy to bypass gravity with the rope. This means that you can feel a lot of changes, especially at the beginning - this motivates and keeps you happy when losing weight.

However, you can expect to burn about 150 calories in 10 minutes of jumping rope. In half an hour, that would be 500 calories. By the way, when jogging, you only melt 350 calories in the same time.


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